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Toast is an award-winning advertising production agency. We have offices in London and Oxford. Toast was established in 2002, and we’re happy to be working in TV Advertising and Video Production for many ambitious clients including Innocent, Aids Alliance, Wayfair, and Cancer Research UK. 

Toast’s calling card is simple but ruthlessly creative ideas along with a level of service that allows projects to run smoothly from beginning to end.

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Independent Agency in London

Impressed by having meetings in trendy London offices full of fake grass and indoor beaches? We’re afraid you’ll be disappointed. At Toast, we focus on what matters, the creativity of our work is paramount.

Worried your creative agency won’t take you seriously because you’re fixated on sales figures? Fear not, we care about your results too. Initially, we work with you to craft an original strategy that will increase your sales or promote your brand. Our creativity, combined with our marketing strategy makes us one of the best advertising agencies in London.

Creative Advertising Agency

Toast prides itself on being independent; our directors are also our shareholders. This independence gives us the freedom to over-deliver on projects rather than worrying about reporting to a parent company.

We know the name of our agency is only as good as our last job, we invest in producing great work to promote our brand. The majority of our agency based projects are from repeat business, with many clients returning with briefs for integrated campaigns.


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A different type of Advertising Production Agency

Some clients are moving their business from traditional large agencies to go in-house. We have partnered with these clients to become a faster-moving extension of their marketing department. Rigour and flair are often lost when work is undertaken in-house. A culture of repeating what has worked before can creep in. 

Toast works with clients to keep their output fresh; we do this by partnering with some of the best creatives in the industry. We continuously refresh our black book of creatives to expand our capabilities and improve our skills. 

Ad agency creative Vs Big data

Big data consultancies are portrayed as the enemy of traditional advertising agencies. At Toast, we revel in the leg-up provided by well-sourced data. Campaigns built around actionable data-feeds and tested metrics have improved our client’s success rates.

Finding the creative angle in a field of conflicting inputs is a real skill. Using our knowledge to translate data into compelling campaigns is where we really shine.

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Creative Work for Challengers

Our creative output has always stood out in a crowded marketplace. We strive to work with brands to produce memorable campaigns. We work closely with our clients to focus their messaging. If they are a business with a niche product, we help them to own that market.

We pride ourselves on many successful campaigns for challenger and start-up brands. Working with challengers gives such as Allplants, Loaf and Abel & Cole gives Toast the freedom to take risks as a creative agency.

Toast produced the first-ever TV advertising campaign for Innocent Smoothies. Many brands still replicate the iconic simplicity of the Innocent look. It’s become the benchmark for brands wishing to punch-through and take their place in a congested media environment.

Working with an Advertising Production Agency

Because of our agile nature, we can act as a traditional TV advertising agency taking on all parts of a brands creative output. In addition, we can step in when needed to help out internal departments with project-based work. We also work with many clients on a media agency basis only, handling media buying for creative campaigns.

Toast has a flexible setup in our working relationships with clients. These can range from retained contract-based work to one-off projects or a mix of both.

Are you looking for a new agency?

If you need a new advertising production agency and you like the look of Toast, please do get in touch.

We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have. If you have a one-off project in mind, we have briefing documents here, which you can use to give us all the details we need.

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