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Toast is a Sky Adsmart agency that can get real results by using Sky’s targeted advertising platform Adsmart.

How Sky Adsmart works

Sky Adsmart is Sky’s modern approach to TV advertising. Instead of playing your company’s advert to everyone, Adsmart is different. Adsmart uses customer data to show your advert to a selected audience who are more likely to want your product or service.

For an advert to run on Sky Adsmart, first, a target audience is created. Advertisers pick from several attributes Sky knows about the household composition of its viewers. We’ll list some of the characteristics further down this page.

Once the TV advert is ready to show, Sky delivers the advert to the hard-drives of the targeted Sky+ HD box. The advert plays into a usual ad break alongside other brands advertising on TV. Often the adverts playing on Sky Adsmart are national campaigns from big brands. 

For smaller brands, the ability to use the impact of Sky advertising is compelling. Your advert gets played to the right audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV advertising.

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Targeted Advertising

Starting with the simplest forms of targeting, Sky allows advertisers to limit their adverts to show in specific locations via postcodes or regions. This geographic selection can be useful when engaging viewers who live near an attraction or for businesses that are looking to grow particular sectors of their market.

Age is another factor that Sky uses to tailor the audience when using Adsmart. Adsmart advertisers can pick either the head of households age combined with a mix of the people also living in the house. Or the age of children is a factor also available; this is a powerful tool for advertisers looking to promote children’s products.

Other attributes available range from the affluence of a household to their financial strategy. Some of the more in-depth metrics available to target include pet ownership, car ownership and new families.

It’s also possible to target second mortgage holders, homeowners or renters or whether someone is looking to move house. A powerful data-set is also accessible from the credit rating experts Experian.

Sky Adsmart costs

As a rough guide, the minimum media budget for getting an advert on the Sky channels is around £5000. Costs do go up if a smaller selection or higher profile households watching TV get selected. We can turn around media quotes for Sky advertising very quickly, get in touch for a quote.

Our Sky Adsmart TV advert

An Adsmart agency that uses Adsmart

Toast has spent years helping businesses of all shapes and sizes promote themselves using TV advertising. As the Lockdown approached and we realised that business wasn’t going to continue as usual, we decided it was time to run some promotion for ourselves.

TV advertising has always been the best advertising medium for ROI, so naturally, that was our first thought. Toast has now joined the ranks of the first time TV advertisers, an exciting journey.

Like many businesses, Toast has a niche product – we make TV adverts for people. Our target market is very narrow; we mainly deal with MD’s, Chief Executives or Marketing Directors.

A traditional broadcast TV ad is excellent if you’re selling floor cleaner or a new car. Our audience is a lot more specific, so how did we target the right people?

We became an Adsmart advertising agency that uses Sky Adsmart. We’ve seen significant spikes in our website traffic caused by the advert airing. We’re now starting to see our new business pipeline filled with enquiries.

Working with an Adsmart Agency

Toast excels at working with challenger brands like Innocent Smoothies and Allplants. We know how to target adverts that resonate with a particular audience. If you’re looking at using Sky’s revolutionary approach to TV advertising get in touch, we can talk you through the whole process.

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