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Getting your adverts seen by the right audience is the goal of efficient media buying. Toast are experts at building the best media packages.

Toast blends access to large media buying savings with personal service to make sure we wisely spend your media buying budget. Work with our in-house media buyers to access the savings only offered to clients with a large media spend. We provide full-service TV media buying with media planning available if needed.

Working with a Media Buying Agency

TV remains the most efficient way to advertise your business or brand. TV advertising offers unparalleled returns when compared to other forms of advertising. Not only does TV advertising provide short term gains but also long term brand building. 

Buying TV media can be a daunting exercise. For brands new to TV or without the time and contacts, it can be challenging to secure the best media prices.

Making sure your brand appears on the correct media channels and hits the right demographic without blowing your media buying budget is what Toast does best. Toast is an experienced DRTV media buying agency, we have built successful media packages for UK challenger brands.

Broadcaster TV advertising accounts for 93% of the average video advertising seen per day. Advertising on YouTube still doesn’t have anywhere near the reach of TV. – ThinkBox

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Buy TV ads to fit with your brand and reach your target demographic.

TV Media Buying is still King

When asked, “In which, if any, of the following places are you most likely to find advertising that is most trusted?”

TV advertising 42%
Newspapers 13%
Websites 9%
Radio 8%
YouTube 6%

Source: TV/Ad Nation, 2016, 
Ipsos Connect/Thinkbox, adults 15+

How to target an audience

The television advertising landscape in the UK has changed over the past few years. The traditional dominance of ITV has given way to more niche Freeview channels. This shakeup has been significant for TV media buyers as it has forced ITV to up its game.

ITV now has some of the most attractive shows for advertisers looking for young audiences. Love Island drives repeated viewing and is one of the most popular advertising opportunities for those looking to make a splash.

The digital channels haven’t stood still during ITV’s resurgence; they have continued to plough the niche furrow. Niche advertising is great for advertisers looking to pick audiences that tightly fit their brand or product. 

In terms of media buying terminology viewers are broken down into trading audiences which are large clusters of TV watchers. Some of the titles of these groups are, ABC1, 16-34 Men, House person with a child etc. These clusters are sometimes too broad. A good media buyer will work with the broadcaster to make sure the advertising resonates with the intended audience.

Media Buying by humans

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How TV media buying works

Once your TV advertising media plan is completed the process of media buying can take place. Our media buyers then pick up the phone to their contacts at the TV channel sales houses that handle the selling of advert slots.

There is a lot of automation in the media planning and buying process with systems available to block book media. Broadcasters are always interested in recruiting new advertisers; broadcasters can offer deals to secure future advertising revenue. We use the power of a large media agency to access the best prices for our clients.

Once we have negotiated with the broadcasters to get the best media deals, we produce an advertising schedule. This schedule includes a full list of all the adverts and which shows they will appear within. 

Audience figures are also quoted in the advertising schedule. These figures are sometimes estimates of the real viewing figures, but often they will be based on tracked viewing figures from a previous period.

Getting a Return on Investment

We pride ourselves on being a TV media buying agency equipped for the modern era. We use tracking software which can correlate your TV advert running with visits to your website. Once your advertising campaigns are running, we can check which TV channels are performing well. We adjust our ongoing media buying plan to get the best results.

Working with Toast

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