Innocent Smoothie Advert

The Ultimate Challenger Brand

Simple, creative and beautifully made… just like their drinks… this 30sec Innocent Smoothie animated advert is still looking good. The advert was Innocent’s first foray into the world of television advertising. Innocent is the classic challenger brand, they came from nowhere with their quirky brand and fresh take on marketing. Innocent needed a mass-market audience.

TV provides a great platform for brands to reach large audiences. TV also helps to build trust – which is much needed by a relative unknown. They needed their own Innocent Smoothie advert to help their brand quickly build sales and a loyal following.

The first of many Innocent Smoothie Adverts

Toast prides itself on working with new brands to smooth their transition into the world of TV advertising. We worked with Innocent Smoothies to translate their brand identity into a unique TV advert that would quickly convey a standout message. TV advertising can be a daunting prospect for new companies, we helped them navigate the process. Toast provides a script to screen service to make sure the entire project stays on track.

Innocent Smoothies Advert
smoothies tv advert
innocent aniamted advert

Producing a TV Advert

The entire production process was performed by Toast from creative, building the right team to undertake the stop-frame animation shoot. Editing and post-production and finally making sure the advert was cleared to be shown by broadcasters.

We filmed advert on location in Gunnersbury Park in London, the setup was arranged with the hero carton taking centre stage. We built up the fruit frame by frame to build the animation. Shooting on film gave the whole advert a great handmade quality. Finally, we persuaded the chicken to walk through the frame to finish off the advert.

The resulting Innocent Smoothie advert was an instant and memorable hit. Innocents sales took off and they have built on the look to take their brand worldwide. Nearly every Innocent advert uses a similar look to portray the brand message.

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